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A lovably quirky web experience for gen-z and community-centric high-growth start-up Estrid.




    Web design
    User experience
    Digital identity

Case ID

    WD – 0162


    Brand Identity

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The Brand


Estrid is a disruptive start-up taking on the big players in the skincare and beauty space with products made with the planet in mind. Their mission is to make an impact on gender-based discriminatory pricing. Estrid aspires to make a difference in other ways as well, like making sure all products are vegan and cruelty-free and by making high-quality hardware that last a lifetime.



Studio Ahremark’s relationship with Estrid began in the early days, prior to Estrid’s initial introduction to the public. Estrid came to Studio Ahremark to elevate and reshape their initial visual concepts to better fit their ever so picky and demanding audience. After designing Estrid’s brand identity, Studio Ahremark when to work on their new website giving Estrid the web presence that they deserved.

“Nothing but world-class work.
Highly recommended by everyone
over here at Estrid.”

– Estrid

“Fast turn-around times, always
responsive, always walks the extra
mile for the utmost quality”

– Estrid

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