To Sweden Through Dublin Editorial Design – Studio Ahremark

To Sweden Through Dublin is a publication analyzing and criticizing the Dublin Regulation providing insight into the lives of the people affected.


    To Sweden
    Through Dublin


    Editorial design

Case ID

    ED – 0038



The Challenge


To Sweden through Dublin is a publication covering stories of migrants, travelers lost in between countries as a result of that they’ve lost of their own. The stories within are of a nature that makes one shiver slightly, they’re graphic and sorrowful. And thus there was a potential challenge in making people keep reading, keep feeling and not throw the book aside due to feeling overwhelmed.



With the ambition to solve the issue, we looked at possible ways of giving the publication a design, an outer skin that would help soothe a reader and making her more receptive while progressing through the stories. The outcome was a vivid and bright piece of design. Transforming the publication into a design object that through form, colors, typography, and texture would act as a pillow apart from providing insight and information.

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