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Studio Ahremark is a design agency based in Sweden with the ambition to help you build a brand that matter.

Selected Clients 

Acast – Makes Good Stories Great

Anatomic Studios

Cardist – Magical Goodness

Chalmers University

Endless West

Escape Stories

Gothenburg Design Festival
Gothenburg University
Helsingborgs Stad
International Energy Agency

Intervaro Web Agency





SBP Nordic
SDSN Northern Europe
School of Design & Crafts
The Collectif

Valand Academy
Verk Watches



Studio Ahremark endeavors to provide clients with carefully crafted and conceptually appropriate design solutions. With a wide range of services, the goal is to help you build a stronger and more durable brand. The aim is to empower you with an effective visual strategy that resonates well with your audience and thus generates a positive impact on your business.


Art Direction, Branding & Identity Design, Brand Naming, Editorial Design, Infographics, Mobile Application Design, Packaging Design, Signage Systems, User Interface & User Experience Design, Website Design + Development through our associates. 


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I care deeply about my work and never walk away from a project before I am totally satisfied.
I am an art director and designer based in Sweden. I founded Studio Ahremark with the intention of providing design services of the highest possible quality. Design that can withstand the wear of time, with the ability to float above trendiness and push through conventions if needed.
Most importantly, I care deeply about my work and I never walk away from a project before I am totally satisfied with the outcome. In that sense, I am an incurable perfectionist and I want to be proud of everything we, that's you and me, put out there. In the same spirit, I believe in design that is smart and based on logic, visual systems that work for you and where every detail, every solution, is reviewed, tested and expertly executed. 
I am also convinced that the most successful projects are created when trust can be found between the designer and the client. Therefore, I see your thoughts and ideas as an essential part of the process, so that we, together, can create something truly extraordinary.
Hannes Ahremark



Design loves code and lucky for you, we provide a full-service & high-quality website solution.