Brand Identity for Fiftytwo – Studio Ahremark

An enchanting visual concept and brand identity for a curated collection of the world’s finest playing cards.




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Case ID

    ID – 0086





The world of magic, illusionists, and cardistry is a world full of mysticism and secrets. Fiftytwo required a visual identity that would harness and visualize an intriguing notion of mystery while maintaining a great deal of sophistication and elegance. The resulting concept was based on the idea of something that slowly fades into dense shadows, thus being partly hidden. This concept is complemented with a repurposing of the simplistic symbols found on a traditional deck of cards stylistically used to created dividers and cutouts. The solution is extensively exclusive, intriguing, and magnetically expressive.

The Brand


Fiftytwo is a brand dedicated to the magical world of illusions, providing a curated collection of the world’s finest playing cards for illusionists and cardists. A strong emphasis on quality and a genuine love for the magician profession makes Fiftytwo a one-stop-shop for illusionists requiring only the most exquisite cards for their artistry.

“No wonder, I am beyond happy
with everything Studio Ahremark
has done for my brand.”

– Tim Mittermüller

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