Gothenburg Design Festival – Studio Ahremark

A bold new brand identity radiating with edge and for annual Gothenburg Design Festival 2017 & 2018.


    Gothenburg Design Festival
    + Gothenburg University


    Visual identity
    Stationery concept
    Marketing strategy

Case ID

    ID – 0083


    2017 – 2018

The Festival

Gothenburg Design Festival is an open platform for collaborative learning that uses artistic processes to reflect upon and experiment with design as an agent of change in the creation of socially sustainable futures.


Over an intense week, HDK – the Academy of Design and Crafts invites the public to explore new ideas about learning, work, and social equality. Through exhibitions, classes, workshops, talks, and the unexpected, Gothenburg Design Festival supports a wide-ranging public discussion of the significance and importance of openness for design, art, crafts, and architecture.

Require a brand identity
infused with grittiness?

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