Brand Identity for Limitato – Studio Ahremark

An opulent & lucid brand identity for art-centric fashion brand Limitato




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The Brand


Limitato is a fashion brand that endeavors to merge the world of fashion with the art world. Respect towards artists and maintaining the authenticity of their original work is at the core of Limitato’s business. Limitato has collaborated with some of the world’s most illustrious artists and photographers such as Terry O’Neill and Norman Parkinson. From artists’ collections, Limitato selects prominent pieces of original art and convert them into ’Limitato Wearable Art’.



Limitato came to Studio Ahremark for a full-fledged visual identity and web solution that would differentiate them from your ‘ordinary’ fashion brand and accentuate their commitment to fine art. The solution was a website with the capability to house both art and fashion effortlessly without feeling two-faced. This was done by creating a typographic system that links artists, their art and clothing together. Furthermore, the website houses a theming engine that makes it possible to create different mood board like layouts depending on the artwork exhibited. The website also makes use of a complex grid and high contrast, such as a dark theme to differentiate the fine art prints from clothing without making these departments feel entirely separated.

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