Ecommerce Web Design for Atelier Assali – Studio Ahremark

Designing an exclusive digital presence for high fashion accessories.


    Atelier Assali


    Web design
    Experience design
    Digital identity

Case ID

    WD – 0178



The Brand


Atelier Assali is an impossibly high-end luxury accessory brand founded in Stockholm in 2018, producing impeccable handcrafted leather goods. Inspired by Middle Eastern legends and with an unfaltering methodology of selecting only the finest leather in the world, the final pieces are astonishing.



In relation to the development of Atelier Assali’s brand identity which Studio Ahremark also designed it was important to us that Atelier Assali remained as exclusive a brand on all fronts and surfaces. Thus Studio Ahremark designed a bespoke, highly versatile and exceedingly precise website solution.

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