Brand Identity for Nano2 – Studio Ahremark

Branding infused with clarity for Nano(2), a respiratory protection company purifying the air we breathe one breath at a time.




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    ID – 0223



The Brand


Nano2 is a manufacturer specializing in producing medical-grade face masks with state-of-the-art nanofiber filters. Their primary mission is to combat a wide range of contaminants by providing superior protection against bacteria, viruses, smog, and various other harmful particles. Nano2’s dedication to research and innovation sets them apart from other face mask manufacturers. Their team of experts constantly strives to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of their nanofiber filters, pushing the boundaries of what is possible in the realm of respiratory protection. With Nano2 leading the charge in cutting-edge face mask technology, their vision of a healthier, cleaner, and more connected world is within reach. As the world faces evolving health threats, Nano2 remains steadfast in their mission, driven by the core values of innovation, protection, and compassion.



Designing the Nano2 brand identity was a creative adventure that aimed to capture the essence of medical-grade precision and scientific brilliance. Our mission was to infuse the brand with clarity and evoke a sense of space-grade sophistication, reflecting the true marvel of Nano2’s nanofilters. For the packaging system, we crafted a set of patterns that embody different aspects of the products, the filters, the air, and the particles they protect against offering a glimpse into the science behind the products. The brand systems are tied together with a meticulous grid system and tightly set typography that runs though out all aspects of the brand. The campaign art direction invites you to breathe in fresh air as if it were teleported directly from a lush forest just for you. The culmination of these design elements results in a brand identity that resonates with customers searching for the scientifically adept mask for all aspects of life.

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