Brand Identity for The Collectif – Studio Ahremark

Kickstarting a film production company with a bold and gritty brand identity.


    The Collectif


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Case ID

    ID – 0091



The Brand


Writer, director & actor Niclas Gillis came to Studio Ahremark with a production company concept that he called The Collectif. His concept needed the essentials of a strong visual identity and a clear tonality that could match his ambitious ideas.

The Approach


The resulting identity is based on the idea of perspective, emphasizing The Collectif’s ambition to present viewers with new aspects of reality through storytelling. Telling stories that needed to be told as they are hidden from the masses point of view. How we by viewing reality from different angles can present viewers with exciting new stories.


The symbol is built around the “C” in Collectif and by adding perspective to the shape it resembles a camera lens. Depending on how you view it the lens will either be pointing to the right or the left giving the viewer a sense of how it is shifting its perspective & focus.

Looking for a strikingly
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