Visual Identity for Watchmaker Verk – Studio Ahremark

A visual identity infused with clarity and simplicity in tribute to the Scandinavian design heritage for watchmaker Verk.




    Brand identity
    Concept development
    Packaging systems

Case ID

    ID – 0075





Watchmaker Verk came to Studio Ahremark at the beginning of their journey as a company. They needed a strong visual identity and elegant packaging that would elevate them above your average watch brand and present customers with an impeccable experience. The resulting applications accommodate a simplistic yet bold visual system based on clean cuts, an all-gray color palette and sharp typography in the form of Proxima Nova Alt.

The Brand


Verk is a Swedish watch manufacturer focusing on the essentials of timekeeping, inspired by the Scandinavian design heritage. Verk, which translates to ‘artwork’ as well as ‘clockwork’ in Swedish, has an artistic and simplistic approach to the art of watchmaking creating functional and aesthetic watches fitted for the modern man and woman.



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